Brookside Veterinary Hospital

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So a guy & his son walk into the emergency room …. more on this story after the jump.

Website for a brand new veterinary hospital opening in Arkville, NY.

Link to website:


The story

My son “jammed” his finger the last week of school, it looked worse than a jam to my wife & I, so I brought him to the hospital.  While signing him in, the nurse, Kim, had an issue with her computer & had to restart it.  My son, mentioned that I was a programmer & got the conversation going.  I explained that I’m a web developer & Kim mentioned that a friend was starting a new veterinary hospital and that they would need a website …. a month or so later & we’re in development.   Word of mouth works!

Oh & Jackson’s pinky had a fracture.

Who am I?

Why … I’m Bob Baker, designer, developer, dad, devoted husband, do-gooder … dude. I’m currently blowing minds and improving relations between job seekers and employers at RegionalHelpWanted. I reside in Saugerties, NY with my wonderful wife & 5 boys.

This is my website for my personal clientele, to show a portfolio of my work & to lure unsuspecting bypassers into using moi to build them a pretty website.

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Recent Work

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Word on the street ...

Bob took his time and very carefully designed a website that feels like an extension of my own personality.  He researched “me” and built the site around a general impression he developed of me, as a photographer.

Because of Bob and his dedication to “getting it right”, I am now able to offer clients, friends, and “the curious” both an enjoyable website and an informative blog.

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