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Why … I’m Bob Baker, designer, developer, dad, devoted husband, do-gooder … dude. I’m currently blowing minds and improving relations between job seekers and employers at RegionalHelpWanted. I reside in Saugerties, NY with my wonderful wife & 5 boys.

This is my website for my personal clientele, to show a portfolio of my work & to lure unsuspecting bypassers into using moi to build them a pretty website.

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Cool Life Systems

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Bob took his time and very carefully designed a website that feels like an extension of my own personality.  He researched “me” and built the site around a general impression he developed of me, as a photographer.

Because of Bob and his dedication to “getting it right”, I am now able to offer clients, friends, and “the curious” both an enjoyable website and an informative blog.

Chawn Crawley
Port City Photography

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